“We’re all just walking each other home.”
—Ram Dass

Benefits of Breathwork


  • A safe compassionate space to feel and release emotions and trauma from the body
  • Coaching on how to breathe a deep full body breath for maximum release and increased vitality
  • Guidance on how to stay present with your process and how to stay connected to your core
  • Support in connecting with your spiritual source and inner peace
  • The use of breath as a meditation to create inner peace
  • Instruction on breathing techniques for anxiety and stress management
  • Conscious connected breathing techniques and process exercises to bring about positive life changes
  • The experience of how breath itself naturally heals and renews the body, mind and spirit.
  • Simple, gentle yet powerful technique which allows you to access, release and integrate memories, emotions and patterns stored in your body.

In person, zoom or on the phone. 1 hr $135 | 505-920-4418 | revjuli@gmail.com

Breathwork Testimonials

I was surprised by how powerful my breath therapy is with Juli. I have tried many modalities of therapy in the past and am truly a believer now. I felt very at ease with Juli. She creates a safe loving space to gently guide you through the work. As I continue this work with her I feel an exchange of trauma for self-awareness and love” – G.D. Santa Fe

This is the most powerful healing experience I have ever had” – P.A., Florida

I am a psychotherapist who travels the world to train other therapists. I have also been in personal therapy for 25 years. The breath sessions I had with Juli are hands down the most powerful work that I have ever done. Those four days and four breath sessions in Santa Fe changed my life and moved me beyond where I thought I could go. I am eternally grateful”. – KT, Los Angeles

When a close friend in my life suggested that I try a breath session, I thought ‘yeah, right, how can that help’. I humored her and went. I was blown away from the experience. I felt like I was in some deep places in me and had memories surface that I didn’t even know I had. As they came up, I cried and felt an old grief leaving me. By the end, I experienced a peace I had never had before”. – D.B., Albuquerque

I did a couples breathwork session with Juli that was so meaningful for me personally, as well as for deepening my connection with my partner. It was my first experience with this kind of breathwork. So, I was initially a little nervous. However, Juli instantly put me at ease and gently guided me through this powerful journey. Thank you, Juli.” – B.H., Chicago