Transformational Breathwork

Sessions now available over Zoom

The body stores old “stuff”: unresolved issues from the past that affect how present one can be in everyday life. Talking about issues can be helpful AND conscious deep breathing allows you to actually release blocked energy from the body. Practice this conscious, connected breath during the session to clear out past traumas and stress. Move past the thinking mind into the essence of who you truly are – this can change patterns in behavior and relationships.

Private sessions are “therapy-like” in that we first talk about what is working and not working in your life, and then dive into the deep recesses of your being beyond words. Reconnect with yourself as you learn to breathe a full and vital breath.

Breathwork is a safe and gentle process that encourages everyone to experience, express and release his or her emotions.

In most situations during unpleasant or traumatic experience, breathing is mildly or severely limited in an attempt to minimize pain. As your body integrates a healthier breathing pattern, you will naturally begin to release physical tension and surface levels of stress and painful emotions as they occur. 

Breathwork can be beneficial for anyone who has had difficulty expressing emotion, as well as for clients who have challenges with emotional regulation.

Did you know….

Your breathe reflects how you feel?

The amount and movement of breath within your body is a reflection and indication of how you’re able to respond to stress. The more your breath is constricted, the more constricted your life feels. The symptoms are obvious – stress, anxiety, pain and resistance.

When your breathing is open, full and conscious, the better your feel and the more resilient your become.

“I decided early on that the body must be involved in one’s psychological healing, because the body can hold on to memories and images that are otherwise inaccessible. You can’t get to them simply by talking about them.”  ~Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst