Juli is a master teacher, and I do not say that lightly, for only a master has the skill to draw us out of our silly egos and guide us toward our True Nature.  SG, Retreatant, Santa Fe

“I was blown away by the reading I had with Juli. It had so much information in it that made sense to me on a deep level. I felt pounds lighter when I left her office”.  KH, Boston

“The classes at the Center for Inner Truth are packed full of information about energy and how it works in the body, yet also deeply experiential. I would always leave in a state of utter peace, feeling connected to my body and Spirit. Juli is a thoughtful, inspiring and genuinely caring teacher.” KH, Beginning class, Connecticut

“My experience at the retreat was awesome! It never ceases to amaze me how much I always receive emotionally and spiritually with the most relevant insights for my growth. I tend to resist attending retreats, maybe because I know I will have to expand and grow, but it always turns out to be a gentle and fun journey.

“My daughter and I attended the day retreat this past weekend.  It was a perfect balance of gentle yoga, breathwork and inner exploration with spiritual insights.  A journey of self-development, manifestation and fun.  We are already booked for the next one coming up”. TM, Retreatant, Abiquiu

“I spent at least the past ten years of my life trying to connect with my inner truth. Now within just the past few months of taking classes with Juli, I feel more connected to my true self each day. I have released a constant need to dwell on past mistakes and I embrace each day with happiness. I already know this is the most important journey I will ever take for myself”. –DA, Graduate of the Advanced Training, Santa Fe

“When I initially came to the Center, I felt that I was rarely ‘in my body’, fully present in my life, grounded or centered. I had no idea what it meant to love myself. I felt that there was a deep darkness of pain inside of me that often got triggered by people in my life, sending me into a tailspin of self-hatred and depression. I had seen many therapists, read countless self-help books, and introspected and analyzed at every opportunity. While some of those methods offered some relief, I just didn’t feel ‘whole’.  After classes at the Center, I can honestly say that I feel that I am healing those dark places in me. I am learning to love myself -everyday- no matter what mistakes I might make. I am learning to ALLOW myself to be who I am and where I am, without judgment. There is healing! I am grateful everyday for the Center for Inner Truth, and for the teachers for giving me the tools to heal myself!” AD, graduate of advanced training, Los Alamos

“As a new student at the Center for Inner Truth my immediate benefit came from being with like-minded people where I could speak freely without being judged – a huge thing for me. As time went by I gained courage and strength to make some overdue changes in my life. The support I received from the Universe and all the caring folks at the Center helped me through the difficult times. Another great blessing has been the lessening of my asthma and allergies which came as a complete surprise since I hadn’t been consciously working on physical health! Learning the Psychic Tools taught me I can be in control of my attitudes, beliefs and my life and to live in gratitude for the many blessings that come each day. Now I know how to ground, clear energy and protect my space. Being intuitive has transformed from a burden into a source of peace and love”. DL, graduate of the teacher and minister training, Florida

“When I leave the Center, I feel like dancing. Reading Eckhart Tolle a few years ago, I felt a great “Aha!” but then I also wondered, “Okay, but now what?”. Taking classes at the Center and learning psychic tools has been a practical way to live that “Aha” everyday. I feel grounded and present and joyful”. KM, graduate of the advanced training, Santa Fe

“From the first moments on Friday evening Juli provided a safe and nurturing atmosphere creating a space of openness and honesty among our group of wonderful women” DGL, Santa Fe

“The experience at the retreat allowed me to dig deeply into myself and arrive at new levels of insight with my “issues”.  I appreciated Juli’s wise facilitating and ability to intuit our group’s needs, thus triggering each participant’s releasing and deepening into their Self.
Also, for me, barriers of intimacy with others were relaxed and melted away, as a safe environment had been created. Retreat recommended for the brave at heart who TRULY desire to transform and move on to their Authentic Self!!!” GS, Santa Fe

“Beautifully tuned to the season, Juli’s retreat was a space where I felt safe to let go and connect to the love in myself and others–something I always long for more and more. I feel recharge and peaceful after soaking in those magical hot pools as well!” JS, Boulder

“Friday evening I felt a little like a stranger because many faces were unfamiliar to me. But that soon changed. Each class, meditation, and sharing was so meaningful and allowed me to go deep inside to look at my personal issues. I left the retreat feeling healthy, balanced, and so light in my body”. MM, Santa Fe

“Juli is the ultimate teacher. I have taught at many places since graduating from all the programs I took under her direction. I have always been told that I must have had the best teacher, because of how I teach. It is absolutely true. She is a teacher’s teacher, and a true healer. To this day she is a mentor but also always somehow shows me we are equal, that I have it all within. That being said she’s the only one I truly trust to be neutral and clear and compassionate. KS