About Juli

Juli Somers is an interfaith minister, breath worker, mindfulness teacher, and workshop facilitator. Her commitment to a path of self-healing led her to become a certified yoga and chi gung instructor and licensed massage therapist along the way. Her journey continued to a Mindfulness Teacher certification and Ministerial degree. As a result, Juli founded and was the director of her own healing center and church in Santa Fe for many years; Center For Inner Truth. Mindfulness classes, workshops, meditation services, spiritual counseling, and healing clinics were offered to the Santa Fe community and beyond for 20 years.

Nineteen years ago, Juli became a Breath Therapist with a certification through Breath of Life in Albuquerque and more recently, through Transformations Breath work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Juli offers individual sessions and group sessions with a national and international clientele, assisting patients in the release of emotional blocks and unconscious patterns through conscious breathing and somatic release.

Juli believes our one true task is to awaken, heal ourselves, grow in our personal skills and thus we will create a better world. She has an unshakeable faith that each person has the innate ability to transcend blocks and past traumas that interfere with peace of mind and healing on all levels. As an Interfaith minister, she supports clients in connecting with their spirit, inner peace, aliveness, or any term one finds to describe that creative force of All That Is. One then can access and continually learn to return to their foundation no matter the challenges.

Juli has been in private practice for the last 25 years and a breath therapist on staff at Life Healing Center for the past 8+ years.


Always a lover of self-discovery, healing and awakening, Juli started pursuing spiritual exploration and psychic classes 30 years ago in Wisconsin. Eventually she moved to Santa Fe to attend massage school. Driving into town, she immediately knew that she had found home in New Mexico, with the spaciousness of the ancient land and vast blue sky.

Juli offers individual sessions and group sessions at The Center for Inner Truth, as well as nationally. She is a breath therapist on staff at the Life Healing Center; a center specializing in trauma and addiction. More information on professional services offered by Juli.

Juli graduated from the Scherer School of Massage Therapy in 1996. For several years, she practiced massage therapy and worked on expanding her training in other modalities of body and energy work. During this time an illness compelled her to try a class called Energy Awareness, which led to a journey of profound healing and awakening, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After three years of training, she became certified as an Intuitive Teacher and Minister in the Church of the Creative Spirit in Taos. She fell in love with the world of energy, psychic tools, and developing intuition because of their potential for profound healing and spiritual growth. This love affair with the work has spanned the past 20 years.

The journey continued with co-directing the Intuitive Healing Center in Santa Fe for five years and then founding the Center for Inner Truth. Juli has been the Executive Director and main teacher of CFIT for the last 15 years. She continues to refine her skills and her own personal growth by attending seminars led by Michael Tamura.

About a dozen years ago, Juli became a Breath Therapist with a certification through Breath of Life in Albuquerque. Breathwork opened up greater avenues of healing and understanding and became another tool to embody consciousness. Juli continued her breath studies last year with Transformations Breathwork in Milwaukee with a level one certification.

Transformational Breathwork is a profound method to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks. The body stores old “stuff”: unresolved issues from the past that affect how present one can be in everyday life. Repressed emotions may come to the surface to be expressed and/or resolved during a session. Talking about issues can be helpful, but conscious deep breathing allows you to release blocked energy from the body and to move past your thinking mind to the essence of who you truly are.